cvs : commit in branch

Hi, i'm using Version Controlo system integrated in Idea 5.0.2
I have to commit a local file to a particular branch.
The commit is executed on the current Sticky, so if i have checked out a particular branch or update from a particular branch it's all right.
But what about if working on the Head and wanted to commit on particular branch without update first?


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Hi Gaby,

What's wrong with first updating to branch (even with modified files) before


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Cause i don't need to update.
I need to work in mainline and when everything it's all right i would like to commit on old branches the exact version i am working on.
I think it's slower making an update with branch, conflicts?, commit, making an update with Reset sticky data (-A) option to return in the Head...

Maybe it is not standard feature and so not included, but i would appreciate the command "commit in branch" - something similar to update Use version (-r).


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I was surprised to discover that such a feature existed in CVS. I would say hardly anybody uses it because most people have separate working directories for each branch that they're working on. I would find it very confusing to work on a HEAD working copy and then commit to a branch.

Anyway, file a feature request in JIRA.



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