File watchers, automations and CVS : advice needed

Hello JB Community,

i am looking for advices regarding files watchers, automations and CSV within PHPStorm.
Here is my situation : on a PHP/JS program with a few hundreds files (.php,.js,.css,.htm - usual stuff) i needed a CVS and i choosed Mercurial with Bitbucket, and i have also decided to minify all files that could be in this project, .js and .css, through the file watchers plugin (YUI Compressor).

Now i’m wondering about a 2 points that i would like to discuss here :
- should i commit both minified and non minified to Bitbucket/CVS or should i consider that minification is a process that shouldn’t be part of the distributed software
- how to upload automatically minified files as only files that i’m editing are uploaded. These files when saved get on the server, but the minified ones stays on the local disk…
- should i leave the minification process only for final upload to production and if yes what is your policy in order not to forget anything (do’s and don’t welcome ^^)

Thanks for your input

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In general you don't check in processed files into a VCS. You exclude them from the VCS (output to an excluded directory / mark all files with the processed file extension as excluded, etc.)

Anything that gets _built_ from the source files doesn't belong in the VCS. Otherwise you get multiple files changing for every source code change.

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Thanks for your answer Charles, that confirms what i supposed.


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