Has anyone heard of or considered building JMX integration with IDEA? Ideally what I would like is a small JMX console toolwindow that will automatically connect to any currently active run configurations. The actual display needn't be anything special, just something where I can see and set monitored values and show notifications, but the auto-connection and configuration would be very valuable. I mentioned this in a "What do you want for Demetra?" thread, and got some interest, but evidently not enough for putting it in core.

If no one knows of anything which integrates with IDEA, does anyone have any experiences with good, cheap JMX consoles targetted toward development. My next work task involves a piece of software that runs for 12 hours every two years, and if it fails in any noticable way it ends up on the cover of the New York Times the next day. Monitoring is going to be important.

Might be time for a plugin...

--Dave Griffith

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I have been using JMX for quite awhile now. It's great for development.
Kinda like having a debugger while not. While it would be nice to have a
plug-in, I have a 'tool' defined to bring up the JMX Console.


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Tell me about it. Assume I know nothing. I just started working with JConsole today, and have already worked up a healthy distaste.

--Dave Griffith

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cheap JMX consoles targetted toward development.

These might be better than JConsole:

For me it was much easier to extend it with nice functions - something that was (almost) impossible
with JConsole.

Also for pure web based JMX console:
- but it needs much more functions implemented to work like mc4j.
It's nice cause it works also from any computer connected to Internet :).

I used both: mostly mc4j when I'm at work, and JManage when I'm not at my own computer but want to
do a quick check.

Both applications work out-of-the-box, but for smooth and nice work one must/can do some small
customizations to fit better one's needs.


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What's to tell? I have not use anything else but JConsole so I can't say
if it's good or bad, it just is. One of the better uses I have found for
JMX is monitoring my code on a remote server. I can look at internal
values, change logging levels, etc, all on the fly. With a new distributed
component project I am designing I use JGroups interprocess communications
and JMX for intraprocess communications. There is a great deal of power
with JMX.



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