Problems generating JavaDoc

I'm trying the new build of IDEA (#657) on Windows XP Professional. I'm extremely impressed! This is a great IDE, and I'm extremely picky--haven't liked one in several years and have had to resort to TextPad. But this is great! Only one problem: when I try to run JavaDoc (Tools/Generate JavaDoc), I get a popup window the error for which runs off the window but begins:

com.intellij.execution.j: CreateProcess: D:\java\IntelliJ-IDEA-3.0\jre\bin\javadoc.exe -protected -splitindex -classpath D:\java\IntelliJ-IDEA-3.0\jre\lib\charsets.j...

Is this because I'm trying it on XP? Or because I've messed something up? Has anyone else seen anything like this?

Thanks, and congratulations to the builders of IDEA!

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I neglected to note that in my installation, I accepted all defaults other than the placement of the app, where I changed the hard drive and added a directory without spaces before the default installation directory. The project for which I'm running JavaDoc literally is a trivial set of classes with just the template-generated JavaDoc comments.

If I'm inappropriate in asking this question, would someone please be so good as to let me know? or if there's a better place to ask?

Thanks in advance!


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Sorry, allfinally figured it out, though it took a while. Had to copy javadoc.exe from the appropriate JDK into the jre/bin directory. Actually, not a bad reason to bolster those who want to separate the JRE from the toolyou really need a whole JDK.... Just a thought.


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