Xdebug with multiple ssh tunnels (ssh gateway).


I'm trying to use remote xdebug on my development server but it is in a datacenter and access is through proxy (web) and a ssh gateway. I need to configure xdebug and php storm to work with a intermediary host. (I am using putty to log  on to ssh gateway and issue a command "ssh dev").

local dev machine (windows with putty)      -> gateway ssh/web proxy                      -> dev ssh.

I am trying different settings, remote forward, ports and stuff. Without any luck. I cannot use remote_connect_back because of the web proxy.
Ssh gateway has two interfaces - internal and external.

What settings should I use on gateway, putty and in php.ini ? Please HELP! :)

Best Regards

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I figured it out! The missing part was GatewayPorts yes on ssh gateway :D Now I have a debug access to my dev machine :)


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