Not surprised but happy!
Hey look! For me it is the first time.
Just like first love :)

Tom wrote:

Are you surprised?


In relation to your comments in your blog Alex:

IDEA has always been the best... no developer in their right mind would choose to pay money for an IDE that wasn't better than the free alternatives.

The problem with industry voting systems like this (and the only reason IDEA doesn't always rank top) is pretty simple, more developers use the free IDEs, therefore the potential user-base voting is vastly larger and thus skews voting results.

This was one audience that IDEA was always going to have a good chance at winning since web services developers usually work in enterprise companies who pay big bucks and can't afford for their developers to be using anything less than the best... which as we all know for most things is IDEA.

The only thing that is kind of ironic is that this is also one area where I would say IDEA was particularly weak and in need of improvement. Despite the fact that I use IDEA for everything else I always use NetBeans for Web Services work because it has vastly superior Web Services support (WSDL-Java, Java-WSDL, Client generation and testing, etc). IDEA is actually pretty limited in that area unless you install the Web Services plugin which is now getting much better but until recently hadn't been updated in ages.


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