spy-js: support in PhpStorm

I see that Webstorm has support for spy-js.  I'm not familiar with this, but I need another solution for javascript debugging.  I use both PHP and Javascript.  Is there support for spy-js in PHPStorm?

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phpstorm 8 and 9 support spy-js . I find this tool really helpfull since i
like study code css and less for js since there is no really good tool for study javascript .
great extension .....Amazing !!!
Could we use at the same time
-javascript debug
-php debug
-live edit


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Hi there,

Yes -- PhpStorm supports Spy-js.

You need to install Spy-js support plugin manually (as it is not bundled)  at "Settings | Plugins"

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I already test the plug by my own by follow the video and test some internet website to understand logic of javascript code and I really love it .

So My question is not about if i can use spy-js but if i can use it in the same time ( in parrallel not serie ) those items :
spy -js , debug php , debug javascript  , live edit ( html css ) .

@coderDJ412 have you got some internet ressource instead ? Does spy js is cover but the book ?

In a way learn javascript is for me learn  the IDE that manage javascript . so because i buy phpstorm i focus on phptstorm.

I know learn some language take time so IDE help us to avoid  language problem ( i don' know if javascript redox or coffescript are efficient ) .

I What i understand is that spy-js  was implemented by Artem Govorov . A C guy and i think there is many way to come to javascript  but the C way is the most efficient

since in a way ; programming in C goes deeper ( speed) in memory subject ( pointer initialisation affectation  malloc  ..... accessibility variable  garbage collector ) . I study java / C+ without programming  ( multi heritance ). I try to avoid ( study ) javascript (it was a nightmare to debug even changes occurs ) ...the problem ( not only for the few i know / read ) of javascript  is modular ( namespace CJS AMD ) and debug ( sourcemap )   !! i hope IDE and preprocessor resolve thoses issues .


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