What's the best way to share a configuration?

Often I find that I need two or more Idea windows open at the same time working on the same code repository. Each will correspond to a different copy of, say, a subversion repository on my local drive. The easiest way for me to work on multiple tasks in parallel is just to check out the repository into multiple directories. For example, I'll have one copy which has the version of the code that's currently in QA, and I'll use that for quick bug fixes. I'll have another copy for new features, and maybe another for experimenting with new ideas.

What is the best way to configure my Idea projects so that it's easy to support this style of work? What I'm doing now is maintaining multiple projects that are essentially identical, except that they refer to different root directories. This is especially painful when trying to manage a large set of external jar files.

What I think would be ideal is a way to specify a shared project template which can be customized with a set of base directories corresponding to the different copies of the repository. What's the closest I can get to this?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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