Synchronize site: can only delete one file / folder at a time


I'm trying to synchronize a live site with a local copy of the same site. I have changed a lot on the live site. When comparing the locations, the synchronizer ("Sync With Local ...") finds about 1600 obsolete local files - I'd like to delete them. So I select them all, right click and in the popup menu select "Set Delete". Now there are three ways to start the process: the buttons "Synchronize selected" and "Synchronize All", and simply pressing Enter. When I do any of these, either only a single file will be deleted, or all files in a folder. (In spite of the warning popup asking: "Do you really want to delete 1654 files?")
To really delete all files, I must use one of the action options hundreds of times. No go. Sometimes, though, when doing the same thing, it will actually delete all files in one go. But I have not yet found out when it works and when it doesn't. It is also extremely slow, like 1 deletion per second or less. Like that, it takes more than half an hour before all of the obsolete files are deleted.

What's wrong? Any better way to get rid of obsolete files?



Hi there,

No idea why it does not work for you -- it does work well for me (any previous and current versions; Windows 7 x64 SP1; different remote FTP servers).

I just select files, select desired actions  (usually I mirror local copy to remote, so usually I only have "copy to remote" and "remote delete" actions at the end) and then use "Synchronize All" button -- it works with no extra questions asked (except initial "delete xx files" confirmation).

But I have to say: I'm updating like 50-60 files max (usually it's under 10) and no folders got deleted .. so maybe with so many files (like in your case) or folders included it does not handle them well ...?

I'd suggest to check idea.log (Help | Show Log in...) for any possible hints (in case if there is an exception and IDE stops with processing other files because of that).

I could also suggest to double check what buttons you are actually clicking etc ... but the way you describe it .. it's seems not to be the case here as it sounds like you are doing it correctly.

More detailed logging for deployment operations can be enabled as described here: (it will log FTP commands used and their response etc)


What's wrong? Any better way to get rid of obsolete files?

If certain folder contains only the files that you want to delete .. then you may try deleting them "manually" by browsing remote host directly ("Remote Host" tool window -- if not there already it can be accessed via "Tools | Deployment | Browse Remote Host")


Thanks Andriy. Meanwhile I have actually deleted most files manually. I will have a look at the log files when this happens again.


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