Remote Host Window: Question Mark, Strikethrough text, Gray Text, White Background

I'm new to PhpStorm. Please have a look at the attached screen grab of two different remote host windows.

What does it mean when the folder icon has a question mark, the folder name is gray, has a strikethrough, and the background is white? (If those are symlinks, can I delete the symlink in the remote host window without deleting the target files on the other server?)

What does it mean when the file icon has a question mark and the background is white?

I have been unable to find anything in the PhpStorm documentation that explains the meaining of text colors and icons in the remote window. If it exists, please help me find it.

Thank you!

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Hi there,

Question mark means that IDE cannot detect of what type this file is (as per "Settings | File Types"). You would usually see this on files with no extensions.

Not 100% sure on the rest .. but:

Light green background (AFAIK) means that you have mappings (local <--> remote). I do not remember when the last time I have seen it on my project (mine is always white), but I have multiple mappings for the root specified (since website root is located in project subfolder). If you click on "cogs" icon, you should be able to remove such highlighting.

Strike trough most likely means that the file is excluded from operations. I'm not sure on this at all -- never seen on my projects (mainly because I'm excluding whole folders and rarely have anything remote to exclude -- mostly local stuff).


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