Newbie needs help setting up debugging Webstorm

I am an experienced programmer, but inexperienced in the world of web servers and web programming.

I am running Windows 7.

I would like to be able to have my files on my local drive and debug through WebStorm.
I was able to create a html5 boilerplate project, then replace the files created with my own html and js files.
When I try to debug through firefox (I have the JetBrains extension installed) I get a not well formed error on the json file that my javascript is trying to read in.

not well-formed    D:/Flash Code/3CISD/code/minigames/Fruit/FruitJS/resources/fruitsettings.json:1

The file is ok, I suspect I get the error because its a local file and its really a security issue.

I can run this code locally by running the node.js http-server.
For that to work I run the http-server at the folder where my index.html file is, then type in  localhost:8080 in the browser window.

How can I make WebStorm work with http-server?

I tried fiddling with Run/Debug Configurations but I am not familiar enough with all the buzzwords to make it work.


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