Embedding 3rd party WAR and RAR modules

I am in the following situation. I am developing an J2EE-application.
I want to reuse an existing J2EE-Resource Adapter ( a *.rar-file ) and an existing Web-Application ( *.war-file ).
These rar and war "modules" are bought from a 3rd-party company and are closed-source.
I now would like to include these two modules into my EAR-Archive and configure them properly in the application.xml.
If I do this "manually" everthing works fine.
As I use IDEA for my application-development I am looking for a way to add a complete 3rd party-module (my rar and war-file) to my IDEA project.
Of course I am able to create a ant-buildfile out of my existing project and to enhance it in a way that it includes the 3rd party files and modifies the application.xml. But that seems somehow inelegant.

Does anybody have a suggestion how to handle my problem???


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I am looking to do the same thing. I am using version 5.0.


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