phpstorm v8 - slow/hanging on mac


I'm using a fully loaded new MAC PRO with 350MB/s external disks.
I have no problems at all when using v7, everything happend's in parts of seconds.

But when updated to v8, using the same project based settings - and as I'm able to see - same settings all over - the IDE is frequently stopping/hanging - and everything using vcs is to slow.
Uploading by vcs - or updating takes to long 30 sec or more, but v7 using 1 sec.
The cvs server is on a local server on 1Gb/s line - and the server is idling.
Also - sometimes - the ide is hanging when I start keying- and then hanging for 30-60 sec.
I have included a log file - and hopefully you are able to give me a hint.
I now back to v7 - as v8 vas not usable for me.

Thanks for your help.

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A note ..
I found the 8.0.2 and it seems to be better than the 8.0.1 I was using, but still slower than the v7 in many situations ?


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