Deploying web app without war or exploded directory

Hi all,

One big annoyance when developing web apps with IDEA and Tomcat is that after every JSP change, web app must be redeployed and all sessions are then lost.

To overcome this, I am trying to make IDEA web apps in Tomcat work without needing to make a war or exploded directory, but to directly create a Tomcat web app context in, say, /webapp directory in my project. Classes output will then directly be copied to /webapp/WEB-INF/classes. This way I would not have to redeploy the webapp and loose my sessions after every JSP change.

But I have no success. Any thoughts?

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You don't have to redeploy the webapp with every JSP change: When using an exploded
directory, there should be an editor context-menu item "Package file" that copies the file
from your resource directory to the exploded directory. Unless Tomcat is configured not to
check for changed JSPs on each request, this should work.



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