How to make phpstorm to jump to error/notice/warning line?


may be this is obvious but I can't make phpstorm to jump to error or notice or warning line of a php script file when I start script with browser.

I'm running 8.0.1 EAP on Windows (, php 5.5+xdebug on linux (

Xdebug is configured and working fine.

Is it possible to do that?

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Hi there,

Jump from where? Please clarify (with screenshots).

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I mean jump to line where error occurred. If I have script like:

echo "Hello";
echo 5/0;   // script will raise warning "division by zero on line 3" or something like this.

I'll be very happy when I start script via browser and error/warning/notice is raised phpstorm to highligh line 3, go there and show error produced by php interprer.

I don't see need of screenshots but tomorrow I can make some.

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I was asking for a screenshot of how it (the page with error message)  looks in a browser on your computer so that I could see what sort of "error/notice/warning line" you have got there.

In any case: please check this ticket for details --

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result in browser without xdebug

result with xdebug:


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Check xdebug options -- it has some setting using which you should be able to make such error line clickable:  xdebug.file_link_format

Then refer to the aforementioned ticket (check comments down below) for temp instructions (until implemented natively) of how to make such link to trigger PhpStorm to open correct file on correct line.

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what would also be nice is having debugging be able to click directly to the file and line same way an error in the terminal does (without xdebug in the terminal) below can click from cli but not from debugger.

Thats what I was looking for but also would be nice if the xdebug output in cli and the php unit  error output formats were clickable as well (in terminal).


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