disappearing jar file

I'm using build 3542 on Windows XP.

I run an Ant task from inside IntelliJ to build a .jar file for one of
my libraries. This runs to completion and creates the .jar file.

The .jar file is output to the directory specified in Project Settings/
Modules/ Libraries / ...

Then I hit the "Make Project" button on the IntelliJ toolbar to build
the other project files which depend on the .jar file just built.

Somehow during the build process, the .jar file gets deleted from my
machine and the build fails.

As a work around, I can close IntelliJ after building the .jar file,
then reopen it, then do "Make Project." If I do this (close and reopen
IntelliJ) the .jar file is not deleted and my project compiles.

Anyone have any idea why this might be happening and how to fix it?


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