PhpStorm + Mercurial: Push to multiple repositories

Hello Everybody,

do I missed something or there is no way to push changes in local HG repository to multiple repositories at once?
How to configure more repository URLs? It is not very handy to edit repo URL in Push Dialog Box manually.
In my opinion PhpStorm should read .hg/hgrc file and list defined repositories in Select Box.

Example of -hg/hgrc file:


default = ssh://SV64//mnt/www/staging
live_repo = ssh://SV143//mnt/www/live

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Thank you for your hint. But it is still not very handy when you have to starty typing the URL in.
As I defined default and live_repo paths I would like to use these names and not think about URLs anymore.

Lets imagine that paths are automatically generated:

default = ssh://SV64//mnt/www/s235692669238
live_repo = ssh://SV64//mnt/www/s22996329923

There is no way to remember which path to use.


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