Change from insert to type-over cursor mode?

In the editor, the normal cursor environment is "insert'. On a macbook pro there is no "insert key". Does anyone know how to turn off insert mode so that the cursor types over text in the editor?


In WebStorm, you can assign the preferred shortcut to 'Toggle Insert/Overwrite' action in Preferences/Keymap/Editor actions


A better question imho is what key sequence switches from one to the other.  Whatever it is I have accidentally hit it more than once.  I always want insert mode.  It is not obvious how to switch back.  Or not to me at least.  Nor how I got to that mode in the first place.


Preferences/Plugins/IdeaVim desintalar, este complemento en mi caso no lo utilizo pero lo instalo, me impedía trabajar normal mente, o en Preferences/Keymap/Editor actions lo que hice Toggle Insert/Overwrite, ponerle como comando doble clic

Preferences/Plugins/IdeaVim uninstall, this add-on in my case I do not use it but install it, it prevents me from working normally, or in Preferences / Key Map / Editor actions what I did Alternate Insert / Overwrite, put it as a double-click command



Preferences/Plugins/IdeaVim Uninstall, those steps had worked for me on version 2018.1.2 64x


On Windows, the number key for zero (key = 0) also serves as a toggle for Insert/Overwrite text entry mode. On some keyboards, the 0 number will also have 'insert' on the key. It's easy to accidentally hit the zero key, if you use the arrow keys to navigate around text.

If you hit the 0 key, you toggle into Overwrite mode. Hit the key again and you toggle to Insert mode.


Long press the key 'O'


@jyoti Mahanandia07 - easy peezy!


you can enter: Tools--> turn off Vim Emulator

Or you must uninstall Vim Emulator


On Windows, the key combination is Fn + 0 (use the 0 on the number pad)


Ctrl+alt+S =>  Editor => General =>  Appearance => uncheck "use caret block"



Just deactive IdeaVim at the buttom of the IDE.


Hey, I also had this issue for some time. You are basicly in the insert mode. However it is neither your nor IDE's fault. There is a plugin called VIM. You need to simply uninstall it. FILE -> Setting -> Plugin -> Installed -> rchoose VIM and uninstall. Source ///thank him or her. He/her saved my brain cells. 


Use function +ins key, it might help, I don't know if there is a function button on a mac.


On Windows, with a mac keyboard it was Shift + 0  to toggle between the modes.


simple press "insert key" or "shift + num key 0"


None of the key combinations mentioned here worked for me. They differ per OS and apparently per version of Pycharm, so I gave up trying to keep track of those a long time ago. 

In the end, I just copied the contents of the file, deleted the file, recreated the file and pasted the contents back in. 


On a Macbook the sequence is ESC then :wq


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