Stop folding class

By PhpStorm 8, pressing ctrl+shift+minus cause everything to collapse even the class body although in PhpStorm 7, it did not do that.
How could I configure it to not collapse the class body?
I do NOT mean collapsing by default (which there is a configuration for it), I exactly mean by pressing ctrl+shift+minus.

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Hi there,

Folding class feature was missing since v6 (it was there before in v5). In v8 it finally got back -- WI-17077.

Because class is now foldable the "Collapse All" action will collapse it as well. "Collapse All" will fold all regions with no exclusions.

You cannot configure it to have v7 behavior back -- right now you have to unfold class back manually (via shortcut). Good news -- v8.0.2 will have (EAP build already has) extra folding actions/shortcuts so that you can collapse all and then expand top level only.


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