Per project "File and Code Templates"

I've code templates (PHP) that differ from project to project. Mostly it's about which information to pre-fill in the PHPDOC right now.

Is there a way to separate those for different project? I can only find the setting under "IDE settings".


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Hi there,

No -- templates belong to IDE-wide settings.

I may only suggest "File Template Variables" plugin that should do what you are asking -- provide default value for template variables.

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I can't get the plugin to work.

In IDE Settings / File and Code Templates / Includes  / PHP Class Doc Comment I made this template:


and in Project Settings / File and Code Template Variables I created two variables:

Name: a
Value: test

Name  php.class.doc.comment.content
Valiue: * @author Some <>

But when I create a new class, it only looks like this:


I.e. the variables are ignored.

The documentation is quite sparse on how it's exactly supposed to work, any ideas?

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Possibly it only works with actual File Templates but not with includes.

I mean -- it may not work if that template is used directly by IDE and not via "File | New"

In any case: please speak to the plugin author directly:


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