Coping code from PHPStorm 8.0.1 all spaces are removed

PHPStorm 8.0.1Hi all,
When I moved to PHPStorm 8.0.1 from My PHPStorm 7.1.3 I found some strange thing:
I use KeepNote 0.7.8 as notebook and when I copy some code from PHPStorm 8.0.1 and paste it in page of KeepNote in this piece of code
all spaces are removed! I did not have this problem using PHPStorm 7 or some other program... Can it be some option for PHPStorm 8.0.1 for fix it in any way?

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Hi there,

Well .. the one thing I can think off -- is that it is because of new RichCopy feature (which does copy pretty formatted text (e.g. HTML/RTF) together with plain text).

  • Open Registry ("Help | Find Action" and search for it there)
  • Find editor.richcopy.strip.indents option and disable it
  • or just disable RichCopy functionality altogether via editor.richcopy.enable option
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I did not find option editor.richcopy.strip.indents

Also in Settings searching by "Rich" I found the only option
But I do not see any option to disable richcopy.
Could you show which option have I to disable ?

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You have missunderstood me.

I've told you to open Registry screen and search for those options there and not in "Find Action" or "Settings".

You supposed to use "Help | Find Action" to find and open the actual Registry screen.




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