Can I use Remote Interpreter with Vagrant for debugging?


I've been unsuccesfully struggling for a while in PHPStorm 7 with getting a debugger up and running with my Vagrant setup. So when I saw PHPStorm 8 came with remote interpreter for Vagrant, I thought all my problems would be solved. But when watching a tutorial on youtube it looked like one can only set up debugging against one file, and rund it manually on the server.
How I'd like it to work is that I can just mark a line as breakpoint, and then open the page in my browser.

Is this even possible with the remote interpreter, or do I have to keep on struggling with getting a remote debugger up and running?

- Jo Emil

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Hi there,

Remote Interpreters are used for debugging scripts in CLI environment (e.g. "PHP Script" type of Run/Debug configuration) as in this case IDE makes connection to remote host via SSH and directly launches CLI script there via PHP interpreter (e.g. "php script.php").

For web-based debug you still have to use what you have used before as IDE knows nothing about how your request is being processed there.

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Well, that makes sense.

Does it exist a concrete guide for how to se up the debugger for Vagrant made with Puphpet? I have yet to find a tutorial that works. It's quite likely that I'm doing something wrong though.

EDIT: Actually solved it. Seems like I haven't paid enough attention to my mappings.


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