Thinking of buying a copy of Intellij

I was thinking of buying Intellij. I noticed there tends to be many bug reports for version 5. In its current state, is it fairly stable? It is worth waiting several months until some of the bugs are fixed. I was plan on using it on Windows 2000 and Redhat Linux.



It only affects to 6.0 upgrade but date starting from which upgrade will be free may vary. So if you only scared by bugs (which actually not so many as descibed) you may purchase license right now and freely get all 5.0 minor updates.


Why don't you just get an eval copy and try it for a month to see if the existing bugs are something you need to worry about? A lot of bugs have been ironed out in the patches but a bug only really matters if it effects what you specifically need to do (in which case a single bug can be a deal breaker).


I'm using it on a daily basis and I'm very satisfied.

Note only doing java development and GUI stuff no JSP and no EJB.

owever +1 on trying the eval version, that what's it's there for.

a++ Cedric


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