IDEA 5.0.2 doesn't support multiple modules defined in same source root?

I have a file tree that looks something like this:

We have about 6 modules defined as shown above. Conceptually, this fits our project, but for the purpose of editing and debugging in IDEA, it would be easier if I could create just 3 modules in IDEA:
1. A module containing all the "client-view" sources across all "modules" (as defined by the directory tree above).
2. A module containing all the "rcp" sources - this module will depend on "client-view"
3. A module containing all the "service" sources - this module will depend on "client-view". Note that this module will be a J2EE .war module.

If I set up my project as indicated above, then IDEA has a lot of problems. For one thing, only the sources from the "service" module are considered by IDEA, and even though it explicitly depends on client-view, it won't see any classes defined in client-view. If I go to my "Project" browser, I can see that IDEA considers the directories and files in my "src/service" directories to be source folders, but the "client-view" and "rcp" directories are not considered as source folders, even though they are explicitly added as source folders in their respective modules. When I attempt to compile the project, even though "client-view" and "rcp" modules are defined and point to their respective source folders, and "service" project depends on one of them, these modules will not be compiled. Of course, this leads to compile time errors.
This all seems to be a problem that IDEA has if multiple modules are defined in a project that all share the same content root (as these modules do). Does IDEA not support this kind of arrangement, where multiple modules can share the same content root? Why not?


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