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I a new to testing with phpunit, please be gentle with me :-)

Trying to create a new test file by using the keyboard shortcut CMD & SHIFT & T (on a Mac with the new phpstorm 8) causes ... nothing. There is no response at all. In the Navigate menu, the respective menu option is there, but grey. In the Preferences I deleted the short cut on "Thumbnails" (it was the same, but only worked on folders; it has a new one now).

What exactly do I have to do to make it work?

I follow this tutorial, which seems to assume that the short cut just works:

BTW: I am working on a Symfony2 project, the test files should be created in:


Thank you for your help!

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Hi there,

Yes -- shortcut just works / menu item is not disabled (Windows 7 here).

It only becomes disabled (for me, at least) if you trying to invoke it in wrong context (i.e. outside of the class/function).

Place cursor on class name in class declaration and try there.

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Ahhh!!! That's how it works!


Thank you very much for your quick response!!!


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