Project Settings per User?

Hi all,

In my company 3 developers use PhpStorm for developing WebApps.
Everyone needs to open (not simultaneously) a project an other user created from time to time.

Let's say user A uses a deployment server named server A and user B uses server b.
User A created the project in the deployment.xml server A is saved.
Now user B needs to open the project and creates server B. Now server B is saved in deployment.xml
If user A want to reopen the project again, he has to set the server back to server A.
Same goes for the  workspace.xml.

My question is if it possible to use different project settings for user A and user B?
If it is possible what do I need to change in my settings?
If not how can 3 users work together (no VCS)?

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Is it still relevant issue?
All three developers are working on the same machine? If not, then deployment servers would be different for them even for the same server/project.

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Hi Liubov,

Thanks for your reply. I got an answer at Stackoverflow,


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