WebLogic debug problems

I am having frequent lockups with IDEA while debugging WebLogic 8.1. The
pattern is that I will stop on a breakpoint, and then want to continue.
I will hit either F7, F8, or F9 (depending on how I want to proceed, but
in the Frame view of the Debug window, it just says "Waiting until last debugger
command completes". At this point, it will never continue from this point.

This is not consistent. I may be able to step through that breakpoint 5
times before the sixth locking up, or it may be on the first time. Restarting
WebLogic may or may not let me step through it.

I'd like to open a ticket on this, but I'm not sure what infomation is needed.
I assume a CPU Profile would be expected, but how long should I collect


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