Inserting a tab character into an editor


I've searched and just can't find an answer to this. In my code style I have "Use Tab Character" turned off since I like to have spaces in my files.

However, once in a while I need to insert a real tab character. What magic key sequence will insert a real tab character even though "Use Tab Character" is off?

In 'vi' I can use ]]> to get the result I need.



This is an extremely old post but I am running into the same thing. Has anyone solved this?


Same for me - how to occasionally enter real tabs?



Could you please clarify where do you need to insert tab character?


I'm writing a shell script in intellij with an here-document inside. Therefor need to insert it into "normal" text editor. Same goes for any other file i like to edit inside intellij (plain text file, other source code file,...)

Normally tabs are automatically converted into spaces when pressing <tab> key. This behavior should stay the default. And changing this back and forth via settings menu just to enter one or two "real" tab chars in text file is way to complicated...


In my case, my team has a ".tab" file that's tab delimited. Very rarely do we need to make changes to this file, but due to requirements from other teams, it must be tab delimited. Unfortunately I have to resort to vim for modifying that file instead of RubyMine since there doesn't seem to be a way to manually add a Tab character.



Please create new feature request on YouTrack attaching your use-cases:


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