Is javascript UML feature ready?

This is the demo I saw:

I am wondering how can I use diagram(dependency UML) feature on javascript in webstorm 6.0? Does it have the feature  ?



Any diagramming generation would be really useful for JavaScript.

If there's an impedance match between a 'classless' language and UML then let's find a compromise that produces something useful, even if it isn't strict UML!

For example, UML Object Diagrams could perhaps be used for diagramming JS programs. Some artificial 'class' diagram(s) might be needed to back these up, but JS works with objects so why not use UML Object Diagrams?

I'm really struggling to make sense of large chunks of legacy JS that I've tried to diagram by hand on paper, but this is very tedious & time-consuming.

Just a rough diagram generated from the source code would be a great time-saver.

Thanks in anticipation to the JetBrains wizards for producing something!


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