Laravel 4 and built-in web-server at port:63342

Hello everyone.

- I am not a fan of using off-topic servers like 'artisan' at 'localhost:8000' and php 5.4 via 'php -S localhost:8000'.
- Therefore (and instead of xampp, wamp, etc), I decided to try PhpStorm EAP 138.1751 with built-in server at port:63342, php-5.4.32-nts-Win32-VC9-x86 and mysql-5.5.10-win32.
- Since I am not persuaded yet about dramatic necessity to use virtual hosts, I feel OK developing PHP via http://localhost:63342/myproject.
- However, I now have a problem with Laravel 4: tutorial route example  - Route::get('users', function(){ return 'Users!'; }); - shows me '404', when I point my browser to http://localhost:63342/mysite/public/users.
- At the same time there is no problem with Laravel starting page at http://localhost:63342/mysite/public.
- Pls help me to stay with built-in server at port:63342 and not to use hosts file.
P.S. My deployment mapping is as follows: C:\php_projects\mysite - http://localhost:63342/mysite

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Problem solved by changing built-in web server at port:63342 to plain old Apache. - Works like a charm.


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