Refactor problem in IDEA IntelliJ 5.0.1

If in the same method I declare

PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter(new FileWriter(file, true));

and use

System.out.println("Blah blah blah");

When I try to rename "out" variable of PrintWriter class to "writer", IDEA IntelliJ 5.0.1 also change System.out.println to System.writer.println.

Please check it!


I can not reproduce your problem. My IDEA 5.0.1 work well, really, it just rename the first out to out2, keep the System.out unchanged.
I guess you refactory it by replace the string 'out' with 'out2', oh my god, only IDEA 100.0.1 should be intelligent enough to understand what you really want to do...


I ask other one to check this problem. If it does not exist, maybe it's my fault.

Don't treat anyone like this! F*ck you!


Could you please provide your full sample class?



Maybe it's my fault. I tried to figured out it again but can not!


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