Angular JS project using with yeoman / grunt / bower in webstorm 8 [Windows 7]

All ,

I have created an Angular JS  project  using  with yeoman / grunt / bower in webstorm 8 [OS:- Windows 7] ... I am able to run the project using  grunt serve... However when i try to debug using webstorm... i get the following text


from the Yeoman team

see attached image

I also get error telling the following errors

GET http://localhost:63342/WebApp/app/bower_components/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css 404 (Not Found)
GET http://localhost:63342/WebApp/app/bower_components/jquery/dist/jquery.js 404 (Not Found)
GET http://localhost:63342/WebApp/app/bower_components/angular/angular.js 404 (Not Found)
GET http://localhost:63342/WebApp/app/bower_components/json3/lib/json3.js 404 (Not Found)
GET http://localhost:63342/WebApp/app/bower_components/bootstrap/dist/js/bootstrap.js 404 (Not Found)
GET http://localhost:63342/WebApp/app/bower_components/angular-resource/angular-resource.js 404 (Not Found)
GET http://localhost:63342/WebApp/app/bower_components/angular-cookies/angular-cookies.js 404 (Not Found)
GET http://localhost:63342/WebApp/app/bower_components/angular-sanitize/angular-sanitize.js 404 (Not Found)
GET http://localhost:63342/WebApp/app/bower_components/angular-animate/angular-animate.js 404 (Not Found)
GET http://localhost:63342/WebApp/app/bower_components/angular-touch/angular-touch.js 404 (Not Found)
GET http://localhost:63342/WebApp/app/bower_components/angular-route/angular-route.js 404 (Not Found)

Can any one please guide me on how to debug / run an Angular JS  project using  with yeoman / grunt / bower in webstorm 8

Thanks in advance

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Your Angular code is served by express server (started when you run grunt serve), so you need using this server when debugging from WebStorm (instead of using the built-in web server). Please see for some hints


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