IDEA 5.0.1 + JDK 5 + Linux -> Copy broken

Very basic text copy seems to be totally broken under JDK 5 and Linux. It seems to work just fine with JDK 1.4.

Did anyone else encounter this issue? Is JDK 5 supported under Linux?


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I am using this without any problems... What kind of copying were you thinking about?


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Just selecting some text in the editor and then copying using either Ctrl-C or one of the menu/toolbar options.

Are you using JDK5? What exact version (I use 1.5.0_04)?

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A reply from JetBrains:

It's a JDK problem under Linux, we can't do anything about it, sorry.
+The problem seems to be specific to some Linux distributions, probably
to some particular XOrg/XFree versions. On our test machines with JDK
1.5.0_04 and Fedora Core 4 / RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 IDEA works
perfectly and doesn't have such problem.+


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