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Hi all,

I'm working with a large project that contains a (hell of a) lot of files. Most of these files are html files and I'm not too concerned whether these are made available via Idea or not.

However, when I attempt to open the project, Idea scans the project folder and takes forever and a day to process all the files in the folder.

I tried moving the html out of the src directory to a directory underneath the project directory but Idea continues to scan that directory and its contents too.

Is there a way in which I can turn off this scanning at startup, or tell Idea to ignore that particular directory? How do others manage their large website projects?

I know I could simply remove the web pages into a seperate project, but I would like to keep everything together in source control.

Any advice will be appreciated.


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Please ignore this post, I have managed to resolve this issues I was having.


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