StarTeam configuration


The StarTeam plugin doesnt seem to be working. In particular, when I try to add a file or lock a file I get:

"Error: Folder D:\TestPRJ\workspace\hs-commons\src was not found in StarTeam repository"

The starteam is structured such that TestPRJ is at the root of the repositories view. There is only one view, the repository is as simple as it can be.

The plugin documentation doesnt seem to contain any details on how the "Working Path" parameter should relate the filesystem to the repository project.

I would have expected the "working path" should indicate where the repository root should exist in the filesystem. "Test Connection" works fine.

I am sure it worked fine in the 5.0 EAP but alas, I cannot use that anymore.

I am currently using the starteam sdk 5.2 with IDEA 4.5 (#2239) and the repository will be upgraded to starteam 2005 this coming weekend.

Please let me know what i'm missing.

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