'Cannot Resolve symbol' messages for web resources

I'm sure this is just a simple configuration issues but I can't find out what to change to fix it. I use Ant though Idea to compile my proj & all is well except for any resources I have used(images/javascript libraries/urls) are highlighted as not being found.

my source code is fine & works, It's just Idea doesn't match the web resource root correctly. I can put a '/' before images & Idea is happy but my proj no longer works...

Idea 5.00 on Linux


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I am having the same problem on Windows 2000

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By fluke i fixed my problem (i had html error highlighting problem as well: can not resolve symbol)

Here is what i did to my web module to fix:


If your root folder (in Add Content Root) is marked as Sources ---> unmark it

thats it ... worked for me

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I also have the same problem. I have just upgraded to 5.0.1. Whenever I edit a jsp page (uses struts) none of the keys specified in <bean:message key="blah.deblah" /> can be resolved.

It has to be a metter of Idea not knowing what the project properties file is, but I can't see where to specify it. It is in a directory marked as 'source' in the Settings->Modules->Paths. It's driving me nuts

Anyone know how to resolve this...?


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