Ant's <java ... spawn="true" /> fails on Windows XP

The spawn argument for the Ant task doesn't work on IDEA 5.0 on Windows XP. Here's the command: ]]>

When I run it in IDEA 5.0 on Windows XP I get the dialog to Cancel or put it in the background just like if spawn was set to false.

It works in IDEA 5.0 on Linux (RHEL 4 ES). It works in Eclipse 3.1 on Windows XP (which uses the same Ant 1.6.5 as IDEA). It works if I run Ant from the command line (version 1.6.2). It must be an integration issue with IDEA 5.0 and Ant on Windows XP.

The Background button in the dialog is a pain to use because every time I run another Ant target it pops up another dialog.

What does it take to get spawn to work in Windows XP under IDEA 5.0?

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