SVG support

Hi everybody,

Is there any way to get SVG editing capabilities in WebStorm?
I don't need viewer. It is enough to have syntax highlighting and reformatting.
Now I have a project with svg files and I have open Sublime Text to edit svg.



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Hi there,

1. What exactly is missing (how does it look on your computer)?
2. WebStorm version used?

Have you tried assigning *.svg pattern to "XML files" in "Settings | File Types"?

SvgViewer 2 plugin -- (no clue how good it is -- never used it myself)

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Thanks - After I add svg to xml files svg in text editor looks better.
It only shows as errors missing namespace declarations but I am not worried about it.

I tried SvgViewer 2 but it cannot render my svg for some reason.

"The best JavaScript IDE and HTML editor" should have better support for svg out of the box. Flash is dying and svg is slowly getting momentum

What is missing:

1. It would be nice to have a option "open in browser" svg the same way like html
2. Like above but highlight only fragment of code and check how it is rendered - it can be window or browser.


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