Random freezes and other hiccups.

Hi There,

I'm currently evaluating webstorm and am considering switching it to be the main IDE for my company.

In a lot of ways, I really like it, but I can see there is going to be a lot of confugration to get things set up exactly how I want to.

My number one issue (by far the biggest), is that the app sometimes freezes. Sometimes it's for a few seconds (maybe 10 or so), seemingly when the code-completion dropdown is being populated, other times it's frozen permanently. Currently I'm looking at a frozen webstorm as I have attempted to bulk intdent 3 lines of text.

How do I debug these freezes so I can report them properly or fix them myself?

Secondly there are a lot of little things with code completion and typing stuff that annoy me. Some are probably due to my setup, for example the following code:

`angular.module('Mocks', [])` tells me that angular.module should accept no arguments

But others are more general:

When I'm inside a string (i.e. the cursor is between ""), and I press #, sublime knows I am doing string interpolation, and automatically inserts "#{}", placing the curosr between {}. How do I implement that sort of thing myself? I have simply no idea what to search for in the docs.

I realise this is a lot of random thoughts - there are a lot more, but this subset should help me fix most of them hopefully.

Thanks in advance.

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The best way to debug freezes is getting thread dumps. See https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/entries/23348667-Getting-a-thread-dump-when-IDE-hangs-and-doesn-t-respond.

As for other issues, can you be more specific? angular.module() calls don't show up any errors for me. As for string interpolations, can you clarify what language you refer to? CoffeeScript?

In general, this forum is not the best place for such reports. I'd suggest creating youtrack tickets (http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WEB) for bugs/feature requests


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