Comparing with HEAD on the Commit Project screen

Hi there,

On the "Commit Project" page you get a diff view that allows you to easily compare the
local files with that on the server. However, the "Old source" that you compare your local
files against are the local file's previous version, not the latest from HEAD.

This causes some confusion when you do an "update project" and other people's changes gets
merged into your local files. So now, when you try to commit a project, you see all these
merged changes made by other people in your diff. It makes it look like you're trying to
over-write lines that you know nothing about, whereas those lines are actually the same as

I was wondering, in this view, if it was possible to compare against HEAD instead? I know
if can easily compare against latest in repo. from the standard IDE view, but it would
also be very useful in the "Commit Project" page.


Mark C

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+1 Erk! I didn't realise that this was happening... it's a bit misleading. If you're using a VCS, the diff view prior to commit really should reflect the differences from the VCS (as for 'Update File'), rather than local diffs, since that's what the files will be committed against.


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