The source file showing on left editor after divide the editor by 'Move to right' or 'Move to opposite group'

I usually open several editor and arrange it two or three group with the option, 'Move right' and 'Move to opposite group', and this is really cool if we use shorcut.

But sometimes it doesn't work naturally so that make us feel bad to use.

My senario is this.
If I have two source file in 1 editor, I can move current source file to right by Move right option.
Then we can use 2 editor vertically by switching with alt + tab shorcut (I'm mac user, so the shorcut would be different on other OS)
But if we have three or more source file in 1 editor, the left editor shows 'left tab source file' of the moved source file after moving.

It sounds logically true, but sometimes not, because we usually jump the source file with the open shorcut and filename. (Cmd+shift+O in Mac)

If we try to open sourcefile which is already opened with the shorcut, the editor just jump to that tab, so the tab order doesn't change by that open action.
So if we move that sourcefile after open with this action, the remain source file would be 'left of the source file', not the last one we've seen.

Simply, there's 5 tabs in 1 editor.
We are editing C file currently.
And then if we open the E file with the file open shorcut, the editor would be moved to E tab, but the source file order would be same.
Then if we move E file to right side, the left editor shows D files, and right editor is E
[A,B,C,D] / [E]

I think the left editor should be shown the C file because that's the one we've edited.

What do you think about this guys~
Is there another way to solve this?

(I know I might be too sensitive but I believe there's so many stupid like me! lol~)

Thanks in advance~

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