How to prevent auto-deploy after SVN update?

Hello community,

we are developing a software with PHPStorm in a team and it's a great tool. But we all have the same problem.
Lets look at our workflow:
I am updating some PHP-files with auto-deploy to our test-server. If all is working I am commiting my changes to our SVN-repository.
Afterwards, some other developer is updating his code from SVN. SVN will now download my changes. If the other developer ist pressing STRG+S now, PHPStorm tries to upload all MY changes to our test-server as well. Since I am working at these files, the other developer gets the message a hundred times: "Deployed file has changed".
Our currently solution is to deactivate the auto-deployment after every SVN update. Is there a better way?

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Hello guys,

I think I phrased it badly, but I really want to know, how to solve this issue.
After every SVN update (and pressing CTRL+S) PHPStorm tries to upload all SVN-updated files to our dev-server.


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