Always exclude a folder from a project

I am trying to always exclude a folder from PHPstorm,so it doesn't show up in projects tree or during uploads and downloads. I know I can exclude the folder manually, but is there a way to disable it globally every time I create a new project?
The folder I want to exclude is node_modules, which can get quite big when you install several modules.

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Hi there,

The exclusions from project is happening on "Settings | Directories" page. This settings page is not available for new project template (File | Default Settings...) as every project is different in this regard.

Same for exclusion from Deployment -- "Excluded Paths" tab is 1) per deployment entry and 2) not available in project template.


You could, of course, use "Settings | File Types | Ignore files and folders" field, but this will exclude such folder completely from ALL operations (indexing, code completion etc etc). But maybe this is what you want?

P.S. This is IDE-wide settings and therefore will affect ALL projects.

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Hi Andriy, this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot!


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