Web development issues

Hello, All!

I try using last EAP build and try to retune my web development.
Previously i have one web module per project and used web deployed directory
for hot deploy changes to server (OC4J). For my JSP changes - it very-very
fast approach, but for changes in classes i need to restart OC4J everytime.

Now i setup J2EE module and my Ctrl+F9 (Make Project) produce EAR for me and
copy it into /aaplication to my orion (OC4J). Ok, it very likely for my, and
i can also separate my entire application to separated jars, but i too long
deployment process even i change only little JSP.

So, i would like to have:
1. Separated settings for deployment. Levels (changes in classes, changes in
servlet classes, changes in EJB classes, changes in JSP files, changes in
other resources). For every level - personal deployment process. If i change
some class - new EAR deployment is required, and i must redeploy entire
application, for a little change in JSP, just sync my JSP with JSP on server

2. Now IDEA make links to *.iml files in application.xml file. I don't like
that. How to turn it off? BTW, if i rollback changes and do not any changes
in settings, that work ok.

3. EJB compilation may have an special compiler for output jar, to deploy it
on server. I would like to have option for this. For example, EJB module is
builded to jar, and after building i transform that jar through my compiler

4. My web module is depends on two java modules, and one EJB module, but in
Web Deployment tab, i can't pack EJB module to WEB-INF/lib, but i can pack
Java Modules as jars. I also would like to have option that allow me pack
EJB modules as jars (see 3) into WEB-INF/lib.

5. What about more improvements in Generic Application server? All servers
have start up comand, shutdown command, some servers also have RMI admin
command, as hot deploy in OC4J. Is it planned to have such options for usual
generic Application Server?

Alexey Efimov, Java Developer

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I am currently working on a plugin for OC4J. The app server starts up and seems to work fine. However, I can not seem to figure out how to shut it down. Currently, I am creating a external java process that calls admin.jar with the proper rmi shutdown command. For some reason however, this does not seem to work. I figured all I would have to do is override DefaultServerInstance.shutdown() and that would do the trick. But this is not the case. If you come across any information that would help me out, please let me know. Thanks.

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Do you have any update with the oc4j plugin?


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