Can't connect to mysql Server in locel network

client WINDOWS 7   phpstorm 7.1.3
Server in intranet Ubuntu

I try to setup a databse connection on my local server.

Host: 192.1689.xx.xx:3306

Database name: mysql or something

Test connection throws : java.sql.SQLException: Communications link failure.

I checkt it out from server with during the connection try...

lsof -i -P | grep 192.168.13.

Nothing comes through...

I checked all my settings and at least I don't know anymore what to do...

I'll appreciate for any hint



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Hi there,

Are you able to connect from that Windows computer to that MySQL server using any other software/script?

  • If No -- then this is not PhpStorm issue but rather your misconfiguration (firewall / wrong IP ?)
  • If Yes -- check IP:Port details again

I assume that you have downloaded drivers (or pointed to your own) for connecting to MySQL...

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Thanks for your answer.

It as been resolved ;-)


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