PhpStorm plugin for IntelliJ IDEA - release schedule question


At work we use both IntelliJ IDEA and PhpStorm (depending on dev team) and during the last couple of months, it seems that the PHP plugin has been quite behind the one included in PhpStorm.

I appreciate this is probably to do with platform changes in PhpStorm EAPs that haven't yet made their way to IntelliJ, or various other things that are quicker to support for just one language rather than all the languages supported in IDEA.

I had two questions, really:

1. Is there a rough schedule for the time between when a new PhpStorm release is made (be that EAP, RC or Final) and when it will be released as an update for IDEA? I'm not necessarily after specific dates, but is it usually a couple of weeks, months? Or does it just depend on too many things to be able to say?

2. Is it possible to use the latest PHP plugin from say the latest PhpStorm EAP inside IDEA 13 / 14 EAP? Is this a recipe for disaster?

Many thanks,

- Nils

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Older IDEA builds can't obviously have forward compatibility with much later PHP plugin builds. Our platform and products are always evolving.

IDEA 14 EAP with PHP plugin available to it has about the same features/fixes as PhpSorm 8 EAP.

Note: You can directly compare *build* numbers of any IDE/plugin. Major.Minor i.e. 138.513


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