Ignore line endings in Deployment -> Sync with X

I use PhpStorm "Sync with" to sync my work with a Linux based development server.

In the office I use a Linux desktop, but sometimes I work from home on my Windows desktop. Whenever I move from one machine to the other I end up having to sync all my files, as the sync always says all files have differences in line endings - so I can't tell which are genuinely different, and which are just different in line endings.

Sync can ignore whitespace - is there a way to get it to do the same with line endings?

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Hi there,

There is no such option, AFAIK.

Maybe you should use VCS -- they have options to automatically convert line endings or ignore them.

Sync can ignore whitespace - is there a way to get it to do the same with line endings?

AFAIK -- NO. It can only hide whitespace differences while still showing file as being different -- http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-18798


Why don't you set up persistent code style instead?

  • Settings | Code Style | General --> Line separator (for new files) = \n
  • Settings | Inspections | Portability Issues | Inconsistent line separators = ON

Now just "Code | Run Inspection by Name = Inconsistent line separators" -- you will see list of all files that have different line endings and can fix them all from there.

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Thanks. I already had Line separator for new files set - but that didn't stop all my files from Git being converted when they were checked out.

I've run the inspection as you suggested, and it converted a bunch of files - unfortunately now I have 3000+ files that need to be recommitted to Git - even though Git is set to ignore file endings.

It also left about 2000 files untouched, so I still have to wade through those every time.

I've run out of time to fix this - I need to do some work - but I'll try to pick it up again, maybe commit those files with the new line endings and see if that fixes it.

Thanks anyway.

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So I've been running into this problem for quite a few years now and I have to ask:

"why doesn't JetBrains just update the Content compare while doing Deployment Sync to optionally ignore line endings?"

It seems like something you'd give to an intern that has 5 minutes to spare. Is this secretly more complex than it seems?

There are a lot of us that run on Windows machines and that deploy to X servers.

Please add this! 


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Here's a corresponding feature request: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-101502

Please vote for it to move it up in a queue and receive notification regarding progress.


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