Jars & Web-Apps in 5.0?

I was pleased when I saw that there was a "Build Jars" feature in 5.0, but it's looking to me as if the one case where I'd really like to use it is not possible, unless anyone's got any suggestions...

I'm typically doing small web-apps, but need the classes to be bundled as a .jar file in WEB-INF/lib, rather than as individual .classes, to facilitate updating without a full war replacement (as typically, there are property files in the war that are updated on a site basis.)

The issues are
(a) there doesn't seem to be any way to set IntelliJ to 'jar' the Web Module's 'own' classes, although it /is/ possible to do it with the output of another module!
(b) it doesn't seem possible to configure a 'Java' module and use that as an extra dependency step, as the Content Roots clash!
(c) I can't even build the Jar 'manually' via the Build menu in a Web Module!

Anyone any suggestions, other than the 'traditional' method of a build.xml file?


I suppose you should have separate Ant build for deployment to production that will handle all pecularities of your configuration management. Deploying or packaging to anything except local dev environment (like production, test, etc..) from the IDE is not a good practice for even small projects.

But that realy is not an excuse for IDEA 5.0 to have such a rudimentary implemented feature like Build Jars. This is far away from what, for examlpe, JBuilder offers with it's Archive Builder. Although IDEA excels at coding, there is number of features that it still lacks.


yeah, I know your pain ...

That's very easy to do in JBoss-IDE plugin for Eclipse that visualy builds packaging ANT xml.

Why JBoss went to Eclipse instead IDEA? :(

Are there any plans for IDEA to have visual packaging support? Or any plug-in that does it?


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