Remote Tomcat Configuration

Morning All,

Having some problems understanding the Remote Tomcat configuration, I've
been using the Local settings with success for an age now. But because of
resource problems I now need to run/debug Tomcat from a different machine,
but I don't want to lose any of the 'seamless' Idea Integration.

I thought I'd be a simple case of switching to a remote tomcat setting, but
all this seems to let me do is connect to the remote tomcat server, and later
disconnect.. no automatic deployment is happening at all and I really can't
see what running remote tomcat does for me at all, except maybe to test wether
the remote server is up or not.. I assume its for connecting a remote debugger
- but how would this be any different to a normal remote session? What am
I missing here? how can I manage remote deployment and update (half-expected
something using the tomcat manager api).


Mr. Confused

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