New Express App with Handlebars Template Engine


I'd like to be able to select Handlebars as the view engine when I create a new Node.js Express App & be able to select Handlebars as the template engine.  At present, I can only select from Jade, EJS or Hogan.  Following that, ideally, the Handlbars files would be in an "hbs" directory under the node_modules directory.  

Is there a way to do this?  Handlebars seems to be a very approachable template engine, but I'm struggling with how to incorporate it into my Node.js Express app us WebStorm.

Thanks in advance!

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express-generator module that is used for creating Express application stub supports 3 template engines only - jade, ejs and hogan
If you miss handlebats support, please feel free to file a ticket to express team (

You can probably try other generators - like, for example


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